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Jaishankar: “Important To Address Root Countries Behind Terrorism”

Jaishankar: “Important To Address Root Countries Behind Terrorism”

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar on Friday said that it is important for Japan and India to be on the same page on countering terrorism and emphasised the need to address not only the “root cause” but also the “root countries” behind the menace.

Speaking at the India-Japan Forum 2023 in the national capital, S Jaishankar, was responding to his Japanese counterpart Yoshimasa Hayashi’s remarks that top priority of cooperation between like-minded countries India and Japan should be to counter-terrorism.

Mr Jaishankar and Mr Hayashi discussed critical global issues, including terrorism and nuclear proliferation at the forum. The visiting Japanese minister highlighted the Japan-India cooperation towards the future of the Indo-Pacific.

In a subsequent question and answer session at the Forum, Mr Hayashi said, “It’s an unquestionable issue that everybody, India, Japan, everyone should be very strict, vis a vis all those activities such as terrorism. Each country should be ready for that. Everyone should be very strict on activities such as terrorism. Cooperation between like-minded countries like us to counter-terrorism is a top priority issue.”

Mr Jaishankar also touched upon the issue of terrorism in the question and answer session. “There are some really important challenges in the world, like missile nuclear proliferation and terrorism and it is important that we address root causes and root countries which are behind this and it is important that Japan and India are on the same page.”

Meanwhile, speaking on strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries the Japanese foreign minister said that it is crucial that people-to-people exchanges between India and Japan are promoted. He said that the post-COVID-19 era is an opportune time to revitalize relations.

He also said Japan has designated the year 2023 as the “Japan India tourism exchange” year.

“Our prime ministers agreed to further promote exchanges at the summit meeting held in March. We designated this year 2023 as the Japan-India tourism exchange and we will boost our tourism,” Mr Hayashi said.

He further said that Japan and India will also promote Japanese language education, student changes and specified skilled webcast system in India.

“We will bring human resources from India to Japan, especially in the IT (Information technology) field,” he added.

On India-Japan relations at the United Nations, Mr Hayashi said, “India is an integral part for us in terms of the United Nations Security Council, where we have been working shoulder to shoulder as G4 Members to achieve complete lease outs.”

Reflecting on some of the memorable moments of the G7 summit in Hiroshima, the Japanese Foreign Minister said that India gifted Mahatma Gandhi’s statue to the city of Hiroshima.

“This gift is indeed a symbol that Japan and India are united in their steps towards peace. The leaders of the world visited the peace memorial museum and deepened their understanding of the reality of the use of nuclear weapons,” he added.

The Japanese minster said that Japan is free and committed to the success of the upcoming G20 New Delhi summit. He also appreciated the theme of the G20, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means that the world is one.

“The meaning of G20 is seen in line with the principle of Japan, which strives for fostering cooperation at a time of deepening division and confrontations,” he said.

“We really look forward to continuing to work side by side with India in the spirit of harmony and cooperation for a better future of the region and beyond,” the Japanese foreign minister said.

Mr Jaishankar in his address to the India-Japan forum today said that Japan has had a huge impact on India and in many ways, Japan is an “exemplary moderniser’ for India.

Speaking at the forum in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr Jaishankar said: “What really does Japan means to India? Japan is in many ways the exemplary moderniser… It is an example of relevance. It’s also a country for which there is a lot of goodwill in history. Today under PM Modi, we also had great modernisation. A self-reliant India.”

“Japan is a natural partnership in this modernising India. Japan has truly unleashed the revolution in India. The Suzuki revolution! The second revolution was the metro revolution. The third revolution is the high-speed rail in making. The fourth revolution is in critical and emerging technologies and semiconductors,” he added.

The Japanese Foreign Minister had arrived in New Delhi earlier on Thursday.

Mr Jaishankar and Mr Hayashi held the 15th India-Japan Foreign Ministers’ Strategic Dialogue in New Delhi on Thursday.

The meeting provided an opportunity to review the progress made in the India-Japan Special Strategic and Global Partnership.

The two ministers engaged in comprehensive discussions covering a wide range of issues of bilateral, regional, and global significance. They highlighted the importance of further strengthening India-Japan partnership based on shared values and principles.



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