To escape soaring poverty Pakistani youths risk their lives to illegally migrate to Europe

To escape soaring poverty Pakistani youths risk their lives to illegally migrate to Europe

Amid a slumping economy and rising prices, Pakistani youths are endangering their lives by making desperate attempts to illegally migrate to Europe through dangerous paths, also known as ‘donkey routes’, reported Khalsa Vox.

The youths in Pakistan are trapped in the collapsing economy which is making them desperate to live a better life at any cost.
Last month, two citizens of Pakistan Ali Hasnain and Nadeem, suffering from crippling economy became unwitting fellow travellers on the world’s deadliest migrant route, according to Khalsa Vox.

Following this, they died after boarding a boat in Libya and floundering in Mediterranean waters. Nadeem’s mother Kausar Bibi mourned and said, “It was like heaven had fallen when we first heard the news.”
Pakistan has been suffering from a deteriorating economy, caused by years of mismanagement and political instability. Nadeem, however, was earning a meagre Rs 500 to Rs 1000 in a day and was left with no other option than to leave for Italy via Dubai, Egypt, and Libya, Khalsa Vox reported.

In the Punjab province of Pakistan, people have been migrating for long. The people’s need to escape from rising poverty eventually became a growing industry for ‘agents’, who have been smuggling people through perilous paths.
However, Nadeem’s brother Usman revealed that these smugglers took advantage of the terrible circumstances in Pakistan.

An agent, who asked for anonymity, said, “They come to us with dreams, and we do our best to fulfil them, but there are inherent risks involved.”

According to a 2022 survey by the Mixed Migration Centre, nearly 90 per cent of Pakistanis who recently arrived in Italy used a human smuggler. An official from Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency estimates 40,000 illegal trips are attempted every year, reported Khalsa Vox.

Farooq Afgan, a local politician in Gujrat said, “Nobody wants to leave his country, but poverty, lawlessness, and hunger force people to migrate.”

The need for a ‘princely lifestyle’ awaits successful migrants. However, some find success while others like Faizan Saleem suffer numerous deportations and loss of money, according to Khalsa Vox.

“When I heard the news about the boat capsizing I felt sad,” Faizan said. “Their miseries forced them to follow that path.”
Yesterday, following the increase in fuel prices, local transport companies unilaterally increased fares by up to 20 per cent without consulting the authorities, reported ARY News.

This comes after the federal government raised the price of petrol by (PKR) 19.95 per litre for the next weekly review earlier in the day.
Pakistan is reeling from one of its worst economic and political crises which has impacted the masses. This comes despite constant efforts of the coalition government to tackle the same, Geo News reported.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance has warned of challenges originating from uncertain external and domestic economic environments, including higher inflation and external debt repayments, due to lesser foreign exchange inflows, according to Geo News. (ANI)

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