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Italy honours Indian Army’s contribution in 2nd World War

Italy honours Indian Army’s contribution in 2nd World War

Remembering the supreme sacrifices by the Indian Soldiers, the Commune of Monotone (in Italy) and Italian Military historians on Saturday unveiled the “V.C Yeshwant Ghadge Sundial Memorial” at Montone, Perugia in Italy, as a tribute to the Indian troops who fought during Italian Campaign during the Second World War.

The memorial is named after Naik Yeshwant Ghadge, Victoria Cross, who was killed in action fighting on the heights of Upper Tiber Valley, an official release from the Ministry of Defence said.

Neena Malhotra, Ambassador of India in Italy and the Indian Defence Attaché represented India during the ceremony.

A large number of Italian citizens, distinguished guests and members of the Italian Armed Forces also graced the occasion.
“Ambassador & Mayor of Montone inaugurated Yeshwant Ghadge Memorial to commemorate gallantry and sacrifice of Indian soldiers in the Italian campaign. The memorial marked beginning of special relationship between India and Italy forged in the battlefields of Montone,” Indian Embassy in Italy said in a tweet.

“Inauguration of Yeshwant Ghadge sundial memorial will deepen the unique historical connect between India and Italy. A special post card was also released. Distinguished guests from Italian government, military, military historians and citizens graced the occasion,” the Indian Embassy wrote further.
Indian Soldiers played a central role in the Italian Campaign during the Second World War, wherein more than 50,000 Indian Army soldiers from the 4th, 8th and 10th Divisions were involved.

Out of the 20 Victoria Crosses awarded in Italy, six were won by Indian soldiers. Indian soldiers suffered 23,722 casualties, of which 5,782 Indian soldiers made the supreme sacrifice, and are commemorated in the 40 Commonwealth War Graves spread all over Italy, the official release said further.

In order to make this memorial a participative endeavour, an Indian Army plaque has been placed at the memorial commemorating the gallant sacrifice of all ranks of the Indian Army who fought in the Italian Campaign.

The memorial is in the form of a live Sundial. The motto of the memorial is “Omines Sub Eodem Sole” which translates in English as “We all live under the same sun”.
The inauguration of this Memorial honouring the contributions during the Italian Campaign is a testimony to the fact that Italy holds in high reverence the supreme sacrifices and contributions by the Indian Soldiers during the Italian Campaign of the Second World War.

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