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Russian Advanced Weapons for Syria: Unrevealed Secrets of Vladimir Putin’s Recent Visit to London

by Dam-Press. (Translated from the Arabic)

ТОS-1A Russian 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher

During his recent visit to London and meeting with British Prime
Minister Cameron, President Putin passed on a message to the US and
France in response to their recent announcement that they will arm the
[Al Nusrah] fighters in Syria.

As Russia is a sovereign nation dealing with the
sovereign, legitimate government of Syria, some new arms which have
never left Russia before [never previously deployed in Syria] will be
delivered to the Syrian military.
The Patriot Missiles will be hit and repealed with S 300 SAM [already installed in Syria]. Putin also threatened to deliver the more advanced S400 anti-aircraft missiles (see image below) far superior to the Patriot missiles and ranked as the World’s most advanced air defense system.

He added that Russia will also supply Syria with state-of –the-art 24-Barrell rocket launchers which have a range of 60 km ranked as the most developed artillery weapon of its kind.(see video above)

ТОС-1А Буратино на репетиции парада 4.5.2010.jpg

He added that Russia will supply 400 of these launchers which will be able to destroy all targets around Syria’s borders.

Barrel 24 Launchers
A British
intelligence report stated that Putin went to London bringing his own
Russian cooked food and did not consume anything from Britain including
water as he even brought his own water with him reportedly because he
had concerns of being poisoned.
The British
intelligence site stated that Putin threatened to send other secret
Russian made weapons to Syria which would tip the balance of power even
further in favour of Syria and re-iterated that these weapons will not
be used against Israel on condition that Israel will not participate in
the war within Syria and neighbouring countries. {Lebanon, Jordan]
Reportedly, the British PM’s response was very weak in relation to Putin’s threats.

Putin’s response came just over 24 hours after Obama’s statement on Saturday that he was going to arm the Syrian resistance.
Putin clearly stated that the Middle East is going
to witness a significant change.  Syria will be armed with weapons that
have never been seen before [in the Middle East] including computer
guided smart missiles that never miss their target.
He also added that Russia will supply Syria with
Skean 5 ground -to-sea missiles that are capable of hitting and sinking
any target up to 250 km off the Syrian coast. 

Global Research

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