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China hacked India’s intel network: Assange

China hacked India’s intel network: Assange

New Delhi: China hacked India’s intelligence network and the West intercepted mails and phone calls from India, that’s Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s stunning disclosures at HT Leadership summit.

Julian Assange said, “Telephone connections and e-mails from India that go through the Pacific (Ocean) can be intercepted and are being intercepted by the West. The information acquired from their intercepts are used as economic intelligence.”
Ominous warnings on the extent of surveillance in the world today that is bound to make the Indian Intelligence agencies cautious. Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange who addressed the HT Leadership meet in the Capital on Saturday from London via video had more to add, this one could make matters worse in the ongoing tension in the Indo-china relations.
“Chinese intelligence penetrated into the intelligence system of the Indian government including the Indian equivalent of FBI, the Central Bureau of Investigation,” Assange said.
Assange who is at present fighting an extradition order in the UK that would see him sent to Sweden to face sexual assault charges added that one final note on an issue that has rocked Indian politics this year, black money.
“Information on foreign bank accounts held by Indians will come out within the next year,” Assange said.

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